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(lead vocals and cheery stuff)
(guitar, vocals and brainpower)

(bass guitar and hair mousse)

(drums and pure muscle)



Nation Of One launched their project with a US tour April of 2004. Immediately fans saw a difference in their music style and performance energy.


Nation Of One music is an eclectic mix of punk, modern rock and even jazz, bringing together a unique mixture of sounds that invokes a broad demographic. The lyrics are positive, optimistic, and uplifting. The music is captivating and fun to listen to for age groups ranging from teens to young adults. Nation Of One members are established musicians with many years of experience behind them. They are career minded but have not lost sight of what matters most, the music.
















The Band

Nation Of One was developed in 2004 by a series of circumstances that lead the band to its seemingly inevitable union. The group solidified and made a name for themselves in Colorado and parts of the East Coast. With TV news coverage of Nation Of One's strong belief in charitable causes, the band became reputable in Colorado Springs. With the release of their first album and the development of their first music video, they hope to gain national recognition as well.
The band started in the basement of bass player Albert Aguirre. After several small projects Albert decided to start his own band focusing on music that was real, heart felt and spoke to the listeners in a personal way.

"I wanted to do things differently, I wanted to make it real and I wanted it to relate to what people are going through in their day to day lives.." -Albert Aguirre

Soon after, long time friend Stan Butler was asked to join the project. He agreed and the writing process began.

With only bass and guitar, the search for a singer and drummer began. After a few failed attempts Stan and Albert were not dismayed. They pressed on and finally found the missing pieces, Rachel Brown and Richard Ornelas.

"When we first met Rachel we expected it to be like all the other auditions, simple, to the point and average. When she sang our jaws dropped. Not only was her voice amazing but she had the writing skills we have been looking for and the personality to match" -Stan Butler

Along with Richards drive and incredible drumming skills, Nation Of One was born.



Rate Nation Of One Music You can now rate or Nation Of One music right online. Click on the "Rate Our Music " link below and follow the instructions. You will be able to listen to every song on the upcoming album by providing a ranking for that song from 1 to 10. If you like it then rate it high, if you don't then you will be helping Nation Of One in the music writing process!
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Nation Of One in the U.K.
Check out this audio clip from SonRise radio in Bedford, UK