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- Access to an exclusive "Members Only" website page
- Chance to win free tickets to Nation Of One concerts and events
- Chance to help during Nation Of One performances
- Members are the first to receive latest news from Nation Of One
- First access to new merchandise or special promotional items


The Nation Of One Alliance Membership is currently in development. If you would like to join now before the system is in place, please contact us and request a specific level of membership.
Remember, membership is free and only requires an email address!

















Nation Of One Street Team / Alliance

The Nation Of One Alliance is comprised of fans, supports and sponsors, best of all, it's free.
Alliance members help spread the word about Nation Of One to the public by contacting radio stations and requesting Nation Of One music or passing out flyers for concert promotion. Members are encouraged to instant message people, make Nation of One known in chat-rooms and internet bulletin boards. The Nation Of One website has a link at the bottom of every page that will help you send any page of this website to a friend.


Levels of membership

1. Recruit - Recruits will have access to banners and flyers that can be downloaded for distribution. Flyers will be updated for the current tour or performance in your area. Recruits are critical in spreading the word about Nation Of One.
2. Specialist - Specialists are members with some level of responsibility, such as a discussion forum moderator or a group lead person in a given area.
Specialists have access to Nation Of One band members via email.
3. Sponsor - Sponsor level membership is given to individuals or corporations that provide some level of support. Individuals can provide services such as photography at shows, video taping performances etc. Corporations can provide services such as website design, promotional material printing services or financial support. When these services are submitted to Nation Of One, the member is granted Sponsor status.
Sponsor level members have telephone or personal access to band members.



Rate Nation Of One Music You can now rate or Nation Of One music right online. Click on the "Rate Our Music " link below and follow the instructions. You will be able to listen to every song on the upcoming album by providing a ranking for that song from 1 to 10. If you like it then rate it high, if you don't then you will be helping Nation Of One in the music writing process!
You can be part of the music writing process with Nation Of One!

Nation Of One in the U.K.
Check out this audio clip from SonRise radio in Bedford, UK